Deepen your practice in the Learning Power Approach

with Becky Carlzon, co-author of “Powering Up Children”.

Our Community

The Learning Power Approach resonates with you. You know that learning is about more than test scores and “running through the motions”. You are keen to deepen your Learning Powered practice even further, if only you could connect with others who are enthusiastically treading the same path. I know how you feel!

That is why I’ve created “Learning Power Pioneers” – a global digital staff room where we can plot, plan, troubleshoot and excitedly share ideas together.

Learning Power Pioneers is now open! We are welcoming creative, learning powered problem-solvers for a short time period only. Click this link and we’ll see you in the community.

What can you expect from our community

Deepen each Design Principle

The LPA is a multi-faceted and interconnected approach. Sometimes this can be confusing and hard to link together. We’ll systematically work through each Design Principle of the LPA, continuously making links between the key ideas that underpin it.

Plot with fellow practitioners

Ever heard the phrase “2 heads are better than 1”? How about several buzzing like-minds planning towards a shared goal? Purposefully and systematically co-creating, sharing and reflecting will be the essence of our learning community.

Learn form others in diverse contexts

Diversity and context are key to successfully applying the LPA. One of the most powerful elements of this community is that you will learn from unique people in unique contexts and adapt this learning to your own classroom.

Becky is not only one of the most knowledgeable, inventive and enthusiastic teachers of the learning power approach (LPA) on the planet; she is also the most generous with her ideas, and encouraging of people who are new to the learning power game. So sign up to learn and share with the growing band of LPA practitioners!

Professor Guy Claxton

My goal is to coach and guide our community to confidently apply the LPA to any context.

How does it work?

1 Click the link below and follow the instructions to join our community

2 Gain immediate access to our community – introduce yourself and connect with others.

3 Get ready for our live community launch on the 17th of April 2020!

From the mouth of the pioneers

Education is being together. Unlocking every barrier of collaboration, be yourself in a community that grows through vibrant, deep, engaged and practical conversations.

Pat Calmels D’Artensac

French Language Teacher

The members of Learning Power Pioneers Community are all such supportive and forward-thinking professionals. Led by Becky, I feel empowered to make some small and important tweaks to my practice. I’m already seeing a huge impact on learning and can’t wait to try out more ideas.

Louise Heard

International Early Years practitioner

What’s my investment?


Learning Power Pioneers is now open! We are welcoming learning powered, problem-solving practitioners for a short time only. Sign up here.