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Learning Power Pioneers is a brand new international virtual community, which brings Learning Powered Practice to life.

Our aims are to:

  • Prepare our learners for an uncertain and changing world
  • Empower ourselves, each other and our learners
  • Systematically deepen our practice in each Design Principle of the Learning Powered Approach
  • Use and link the LPA framework with any educational context
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minds
  • Learn, re-learn and learn again

What is Learning Power Pioneers?

Who is this co-creative community for?

Education is being together. Unlocking every barrier of collaboration, be yourself in a community that grows through vibrant, deep, engaged and practical conversations.

Pat Calmels D’Artensac, French language teacher

What can you expect from our community

Shared values

The people you’ll meet in this community are a different breed. They will blow your educational conversations out of the water. Co-create in this virtual international staffroom with a group of like-minded, solutions-based active learners – the sky is the limit (do you have your learning rocket ready?!)

Open-ended learning driven by you

We’ve created a structure through which we can explore and deepen learning together. What you do – what you investigate, how you improve, how you include your learners – is driven by you. You can take this in any direction you want to, and fit your learning to your context. No matter where you are in the world; no matter what context in which you are teaching, you will grow within this group and meet a bunch of awesome practitioners at the same time.

Safety is the launchpad to risk-taking

As we create safe spaces within our classrooms so children can take risks, we’ve created a safe space online where we can openly talk about challenges, and warmly challenge one another in our practice.

Becky is not only one of the most knowledgeable, inventive and enthusiastic teachers of the learning power approach (LPA) on the planet; she is also the most generous with her ideas, and encouraging of people who are new to the learning power game. So sign up to learn and share with the growing band of LPA practitioners!

Professor Guy Claxton

Why Struggle Alone?

Connect with this community of forward-thinking, solutions-based like minds who will 100% have your back.

And get a “Readers Digest” of the chapters of “Powering Up Children” as short videos right in your inbox!

What you’ll learn

Each term, we’ll dive deeply into each Design Principle in Powering Up Children. We’ll reflect, question and plan ways forward. As the term progresses, you will have opportunities to share your learning journey, troubleshoot problems and deepen your practice.

You won’t be left floundering and wondering what to do – we’re all here to coach one another and collaboratively find ways forward. Through co-constructing learning with the community and our learners, we will all find new ways of thinking, teaching and approaching our practice and will expand and grow as professionals. As one of the original Pioneers, you will feed into, grow and shape this community from Day One.

The sky is the limit! Who knows what this community of brilliant minds will create?!

Termly Themes

Based on each chapter on Powering Up Children we will dive deeply into each Design Principle of the learning power approach.

Term 3


January – February half-term

Term 4


February half-term – Easter

Term 5

Responsibility, ownership and agency

Easter – May half-term

Term 6

Reflection, craftsmanship and improvement

May half-term – July

The holidays are also vitally important

This is when you get the change to reflect, recharge and nurture yourself. We will keep our community alive during the holidays, reflecting on our learning so far and focusing on looking after ourselves and kicking back!

Our community will be small at first – we want to get the ingredients right and purposefully grow the community from the ground up with some buzzing, creative, risk-taking minds. If you think this might be you, we would love you to let us know why you think you would be right for this community.

Join Us!

And get a video recap of the chapters in “Powering up children”!

N.B. Learning Power Pioneers is currenly FULL. We will re-open to a small group of problem-solving, reflective practitioners in April 2020. If you think this might be you, register here to be the first to find out!