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Below are some video links that give some background to the Learning Power Approach, or can be used as inspiration in team meetings, assemblies or with children in your class. I have outlined how I have used them in the past, but you could think of a totally different and brilliant way to use them. Please share if you do!

Professor Guy Claxton

This is a short video of Professor Guy Claxton talking about the Learning Power Approach, filmed at St Bernard's School in Ellesmere Port. I find clips of Guy a useful way to give background to the theory behind the LPA. 

Austin's Butterfly

Austin's Butterfly is quite famous. If you haven't seen it, it really is a must (and if you're like me, you've watched it several times over - apart from anything the way the children engage with Ron Berger is gorgeous!)

How about sharing this video with your class to open up a discussion about reflective improvement and craftsmanship? Is there any other way you or your children could think of using this method of reflective improvement? In writing? In maths? In Science? In being kind to others? I think the possibilities are endless ...


There are loads of inspiring TED talks on growth mindset and grit. This is a TEDtalk from Eduardo Briceno which Guy refers to it in his latest book, The Learning Power Approach. He talks about differentiating between "learning mode" and "performance mode" in schools with children. The idea being that most of the time, children should be in "learning mode" and therefore open to learning from mistakes and ready to grow. Only rarely should children be in "performance mode", such as when they are performing or when they have a test of exam. How often are your children in "learning mode"? Do the children know when they are in one mode or the other? How could you make them more aware of this?

Inspiring famous people

The next video is one you could use in an assembly or with your class. It's Olympic athlete, Isobel Pooley, talking about what has made her so successful. I think it's full of great Learning Power tips, such as not comparing yourself to others and learning from failures. When I shared it in assembly, the children loved it and got loads from it. You could feel the inspiration tingling in the room! When you start looking, there are loads of pockets of inspiration from famous athletes, historians, politicians ... you name it! Share their wisdoms with your class to open up a discussion around learning:
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