It’s all about the “AND”

What if, ideas that originally seemed in direct opposition, could, in fact, exist in the same space?

Results Plus

When Guy Claxton talks about the Learning Power Approach, he often describes it as “results plus”. Great results, plus the ability and aptitude to be a life-long learner. We can learn relevant content AND develop the skills of life-long learning – The two go hand-in-hand.

This got me wondering about ideas I might hold in direct opposition without really realising it. Ideas, that, if combined and held in the same space, could actually be really powerful.

The power of “and”

These “ANDs” could be personal; they could be professional. By thinking about them and playing with combining ideas, I realised I could create new thinking and potential new ways forward; solve problems I hadn’t even really realised were there; problems I might have been creating myself just through limiting my own thinking. Here are a few I came up with:

I can teach part-time and have a profound impact on my learners.

I can learn and grow professionally, inspire my class and take care of my own well-being.

I can be strong and powerful and go with the flow.

The final one was inspired by gazing at Rhine Falls – our local waterfalls here in Schaffhausen and the biggest in Europe.

Rhine Falls. Powerful and go with the flow,.
Rhine Falls- Powerful and go with the flow.

Using “and” professionally.

Moving forward, we shared this concept in our Learning Pioneers Leadership Mastermind. A space dedicated to sharing challenging thinking around the Learning Power Approach and plotting new ways forward. Here are a few we collectively came up with:

What if we can have socially distanced learning AND learn to collaborate more effectively?

What if, even if parents can’t come into the school building, we can find ways to build ever-stronger relationships with them?

What if, we can learn remotely AND become better learners in the process?

Over to you …

So, I wanted to share this simple word with you. What “ANDs” can you come up with?! I would love to hear them and maybe, just maybe, they can help you break out of some old, restrictive thinking ….


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