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The Learning Power Approach

The Learning Power Approach (LPA) is an umbrella term for an emerging school of thought about teaching and learning. Deriving from research and development groups working independently in Australia, the UK and the US, the LPA shows teachers how to adjust small aspects of the nitty-gritty of their teaching in order to achieve two aims:

– Better results

– And the development of confident, independent learners

This website is invitation to forward-thinking, reflective practitioners to engage in the LPA – to think deeply about their practice, feel inspired to plan ways to engage, motivate and challenge their learners and to re-connect with their deeper purpose of becoming a teacher.

If this is you, welcome to Learning Power Kids.

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Powering Up Children Book


POWERING UP CHILDREN is now available to order from Amazon: A practical guide to the Learning Power Approach, packed full of ideas and examples to get you started in your classroom. From tweaking your learning environment to embedding self-guided challenge to unpicking and purposefully developing collaboration skills – there is something here for every teacher embarking on a learning powered journey …

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“In every chapter I found myself nodding in affirmation: this is how a classroom should be.”

Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, EL Education.

“Any teacher reading this book will feel inspired and empowered…”

Shirley Clarke, formative assessment expert.

“A must read for anyone with the true calling of a teacher and a curious mind”

Ana Maria Fernandez, educator and creator of the VESS Educational Model.

“POWERING UP CHILDREN should transform the thinking of all primary school teachers and policy makers…”

Asato Yoshinaga, Associate Professor, Kokugakuin University

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