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Developing Reflection

“You don’t learn from experience, you learn from reflecting on experience.”

Mara Krechevsky, Pedagogy of Play, Project Zero (or maybe John Dewey!) Oh, the joys! We have just had a run of incredible “live” events in PressPlay and Learning Pioneers, including…

Design Learning Environment Learning Pioneers

How can we cultivate curiosity in our classrooms?

Which learning disposition do you think is the most important to cultivate in learners? As a Learning Power practitioner, this feels like a pretty key question to ask. Ideally, through a…

Setting the scene Teachers as Learners

Fill your educational cup – Start with “why”

Start with “why” Simon Sinek’s TedTalk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” explores how we buy into an idea, a company, a movement because of the purpose (or the “why”) behind…

Levels of Challenge

The Impossible Lesson

It’s an ‘impossible lesson’ in De Voorde school, a Building Learning Power school in Drachten, The Netherlands.  The children are meeting from various classes for their once a week lesson…

Design Learning Pioneers Teachers as Learners

How might maths and Art link?

In our collective exploration of STEM and play and wonderings in our Learning Pioneers STEM/Play Quest we have been exploring all sorts of ideas and possibilities, including: How can we…

Back to school
Design Setting the scene

And then they were back …

Guest blogpost by Anton de Vries, learning power consultant and lead thinker. Thank you Anton! In a few days, pupils in The Netherlands will be allowed to return to elementary…

Design Learning Pioneers

It’s all about the “AND”

It’s all about the “AND” What if, ideas that originally seemed in direct opposition, could, in fact, exist in the same space? One of our wonderings in Learning Pioneers Masterminds….

Teachers as Learners

How to take gratitude to the next level.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blogpost! I’ve been busily growing the Learning Pioneers community and blogpost ideas have been coming to me so quickly I haven’t quite…