Today is a happy day as the wonderful educators Ed Finch, Daryn Simon and Graham Andre are putting on #BrewEdIsolation – A chance for amazing educators to connect from across the globe with a brew in hand and to inspire one another with pedagogy and generally great vibes!

And I am up first with some “What if” wonderings. My goal is that you will be able to take just one or two of these forward with you into your day. And, who knows, maybe they will start to shift your mind into a more creative way of thinking …

After I’d recorded by ‘talk’, I thought of loads more “What ifs”. I’ve created this blogpost to add as we go, adding in yours as the day goes by. Please tag me on Twitter (@beckycarlzon), or comment below, with your “What ifs” and any thoughts that bubble up whilst and after you are listening – I’ll add them in here and extend our smorgasbord!

As usual, it’s all a work in progress, and, as usual, the process is a co-creative and organic one …

Here’s my 4 minutes of offerings:

What if wonderings – straight from my “classroom”!

And here is what I added to my smorgasbord afterwards:

What if, you could use your “selfishness” as a launchpad to serve others?

What if, you couldn’t fix it all and that was okay?

What if, you not only experienced “Post-Traumatic Growth” but also “During Traumatic Growth”?

What if, you spent some time wondering about your ‘Superpower(s)’?

What if, you just spent some time wondering? Or wandering?

What if, you could join an international community of like-minds?

What if, you could build your own international community of like-minds?

What if, this time was a gift, giving us the space to think about what really matters?

What if, you wrote down and started to talk about what DOES really matter, to YOU?

What if we used this time to each connect to our “ikigai”?

What if we took the pressure off the accelerator of negativity?

We if we were far more fluid than we were fixed?

This idea was partly inspired by the words of Ron Ritchhart in “Creating Cultures of Thinking“. Awesome book (and he has a new one coming out soon!), very important idea. WE get to shift our thinking. And we can do it with the power of the words we choose.

“Creating a new story requires that the author or authors of that new story cast aside the destructive ‘Yah But’ mentality, and ask ‘What If?’” Ron Ritchhart
Ron Ritchhart’s powerful words.


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